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Confessions of a Public Speaker

Scott Berkun

[PDF.sk98] Confessions of a Public Speaker

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 | #408483 in Books |  O'Reilly Media |  2009-11-14 | Original language:English | PDF # 1 |  8.50 x.93 x5.50l,.88 | File type: PDF | 240 pages


||2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.| The Stever Robbins of Public Speaking|By Matt Deaton, Ph.D.|As someone who speaks and coaches others to speak, Confessions was an especially enjoyable read, affirming some of my anxieties, causing multiple laugh breaks, and conveying some fantastic new tips along the way. Berkun's mix of honesty, practical insight and comedy reminded me a lot of admired productivity coach Steve| |
"For those that are contemplating public speaking, or want to improve their current aptitude, it is impossible that after reading the book, that they won't be a better speaker. For those that simply want to know what goes into, and what makes a really go